Children of a New Society: The shared and boundless curriculum of a Home Education

By Spartacus

Home educating facilitators often speak of the world being a classroom and indeed, it is fascinating how ordinary people respond to meeting Home Educated children. People suddenly realise that they have something to contribute and they want to. Home educated children with a zest for learning inspire relatives, visitors to the home, shopkeepers and people from all walks of life who all have something to contribute.

Recently we needed the services of a local carpenter. Upon meeting our children, well actually being frequently interrupted by our five year old to look at her Tibetan project, the carpenter told us this:

“What you are really facilitating is an Open Education. One that is not closed behind typical classroom doors.”

Followed by,

“Would you mind if I bring my large prayer drums and my Tibetan prayer bowls?”

A few days later, this is what happened:

The prayer bowls chime like bells when gently struck by a small piece of wood. They can be caressed into a resonant frequency of vibration that creates a soothing and long lasting hum at various pitches depending upon their size. Our children were enthralled.

I am reminded of the words of Elaine Kirk from a recent forum post:

“All children need to grow in a stimulating environment and the parent’s need to be able to provide that, it doesn’t cost money it only needs experience. Children need to grow naturally and not be segregated into age defined peer groups, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.”

We can count at least twenty people that in some way or another make a contribution to our children’s education. If you facilitate Home Education, please complete a simple anonymous survey of how many people also contribute.

Click here to take the survey – Elective Home Education: Facilitators and Contributors


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