Exams & Qualifications

From our FAQs: 

What about exams?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no requirement to take exams at conventional times, or ever. Some home educated young people go directly into employment, self employment or apprenticeships, while others have been admitted to colleges and universities without formal qualifications, often following interviews and/or the production of evidence to support their applications, e.g. portfolios, third party testimonials and commendations.

Exams and qualifications can, of course, be pursued by home educated children, although parents need to make the arrangements independently. One of the great benefits of home education is being able to sit exams at the most appropriate age and stage for the individual child without being forced to take them before they are ready or having to wait for the relevant school year.

For more information, please refer to the Scottish Home Education Higher Education Group – Pathways to University and the Home Education Exams wiki where you will find a wealth of experience and support. There is also an Exams & Qualifications public forum on the HEF website.

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