Home education: is anyone else thinking about toothbrushes?

By Spartacus

The concept of a God, the desire for standards and the need for education all have one thing in common:-


Most people think that standards are a Good Idea but standards are like toothbrushes, everyone wants their own and does not want to use someone else’s. Someone else’s God, Standards or Toothbrushes. Many people want ’My God’ not ‘your God’, they want ‘My standards’ not ‘your standards’ and want ‘My toothbrush’ not ‘yours’.

Fortunately, in a liberal democracy we tolerate an individual’s choice to worship their preferred God, and to have their own toothbrush.

With government led standards, the aim is to create a minimum set rather than the ultimate. It provides scope for those that want to live by higher standards, to so do. Tolerance is built-in to reflect variations of acceptability. Like wearing a crash helmet, sensible and commonly accepted but with a variation for Sikhs. The state knows it will increase risk for Sikhs but is tolerant of their more important commitment to wearing a turban.

The infection transfer possibilities from sharing a toothbrush are endless and can even be fatal. So, luckily, we are not forced to use some else’s.

It is the same for education. The state sets a minimum, that everyone should have an education. They even try to offer a mass education system to meet certain minimum standards. Standards which it continuously fails to meet. Acknowledging that is not ever going to be right for every individual, variations are accepted (because, like toothbrushes, education comes best for society as a whole, in various shapes and sizes). Faith School education, Private education, Home education.

For those choosing Home Education, many do so to avoid the state-run mass-education system, rife with the infections of bullying, or paedophile predators that develop within the state system, or low achievement, or ‘dumbing’ down through a test driven curriculum, or poor morale, or the stifling of natural development of a talent or a passion and many other commonly prevalent ailments.

Most people do not have an alternative to the risk of infection from Clostridium difficile (C. Difficile) or MRSA at loose in the state-run NHS health system.

An ever increasing number of parents are choosing to avoid state infection of their children from a school system that is no longer fit for purpose, by facilitating Home Education. It provides scope for those want to educate to higher standards, to so do.

Fight for your own toothbrush and to preserve people’s rights to choose Home Education.

If you know a Home Education family, support them, encourage them, petition for them, speak-up for them and be grateful that you still have your own toothbrush.


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