Supporting children and families? Aye, that’ll be right!

Under the dubious headline of Supporting children and families, Scottish Minister for Children and Young People, Aileen Campbell, has dutifully launched a consultation on the Scottish Government’s forthcoming Children and Young People Bill. She’s from the government and is here to help, don’t you know?

This latest consultation (con- being the operative prefix) runs until 25th September and our forum members are distinctly unimpressed with the “opportunity for stakeholders, professionals, parents and carers and children and young people to have their say on the future shape of children’s services and the Scottish Government’s approach to delivering change.”

Well,  Aileen & Co, we already know what sort of change you have been delivering, having stealthily implemented your universal surveillance system in the form of GIRFEC (Getting Information Recorded For Every Citizen). You may be able to fool most of the sheeple for most of the time, but the rest of us are wide awake and watching you watching us. As we’re fond of saying round these parts, our heads don’t all button up the back. What a pity the ‘professionals’ are either complicit (for rentseeking or other nefarious reasons) or too occupied with ‘busy’ work to have questioned the universal steamrollering of family privacy when they can’t get it right for the most vulnerable of weans, as we have noted on this 34 page forum thread.

Do take time to read the excellent contributions to our forum thread on this subject (and the links therein) to get a handle on what is really planned for your family (yes, your family and every family) regardless of warmly worded but entirely pointless consultation exercises, especially if you are in any way tempted by free government grain* and believe  the cover story about it being for the benefit of Scotland’s chiiiiiiiillldren. The whole thing is based on what can only be described as Total Tosh, as anyone who has examined the cover storybackground and timeline can see for themselves.

*As paraphrased by Neil Taylor in this blog post: “If you are not familiar with the story of the wild, free and fierce Okefenokee swamp pigs, which were lured by free grain as a fence was very slowly constructed around them that they were free to come and go through until they weren’t, and were all taken to market, then this is easy to find online, and is a good metaphor I think for how the problem of Britain’s escapees are to be rounded up, the easier to then persecute a much smaller number of refuseniks, and especially at a time when the government is robbing us and impoverishing us to an extent likely to make us hungry enough to go for their free grain.”

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