Enter the Dragon! New group challenges Welsh Ass Govt proposals

A dedicated new action group has been set up to co-ordinate responses to legislative proposals by the Welsh Ass Government, which, if enacted, would effectively usurp parents’ responsibility for education by imposing a regulatory regime on a long established and protected parental function in breach of the ECHR.

Rhuad y Ddraig (Roar of the Dragon) is an action group for Welsh home educators and friends to discuss and enact responses to the Welsh Assembly Government’s forthcoming changes to education legislation. Such responses shall affirm that the education of children is a private function of the family arising out of parental responsibility and is not legitimately subject to routine state oversight.

Membership is open to anyone who supports the stated aim of the group. However journalists, including bloggers, anyone carrying out research for a journalist or blogger, anyone deriving an income or livelihood from home education and anyone employed by the UK public or charitable sectors in any capacity must declare their interest to the group owner on applying for membership. Where there is a potential conflict of interest, the application for membership will be posted to the list for consideration by the members and membership shall be at the group owner’s discretion. A register of members’ interests will be maintained on the group.

A discussion thread is running simultaneously in our private forums and is open for members’ comments which will be shared with Rhuad y Ddraig.


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