Parents steal wheels from GIRFEC propaganda wagon

In the wake of Hampdengate (where things didn’t go to plan for the government, despite taxpayer funded bribes of £25 vouchers, free travel and lunches being offered to parents, children and young people to go forth and promote the ‘benefits’ of data theft), the propaganda wagon has lost all its wheels and will hopefully soon be heading for the scrap yard.

They still keep trying to spin it, of course (at taxpayers’ expense, of course), having just published this sanitised version of responses to their recent fake consultation on draft guidance for professionals on Part 4 of the CHYP Act (i.e. a handbook on how to breach data protection principles and Article 8 with impunity).

Analysis Of Responses To The Consultation On Draft Statutory Guidance For Parts 4, 5 & 18 (Section 96) Of The Children And Young People (Scotland) Act 2014

Actual responses to the consultation

All individuals’ (i.e. parents’) responses to the consultation have, unsurprisingly, been filed under ‘inconvenient’ and dismissed as irrelevant, while the views of vested interests who are paid to say and do what they are told, and who will gain ‘rent’ at families’ expense, are warmly welcomed (naturally).

Even The Herald, which has become a Scottish government song sheet, is sabre rattling.

Not that we’re holding our breath for any winds of change, given that the blind faithful, rentseeking, vested interests and other useful idiots (many of whom were desperately trying – and failing – to defend the indefensible on BBC Radio Scotland’s Call Kaye this morning) are complicit in this deliberate interference in family life and planned undermining of parenting choices that don’t fit the state dictated template.

Moreover, The Herald leader gets the detail just as wrong because GIRFEC is not, and has never been, about child protection, but about data theft, surveillance and profiling. [Alice has commented on The Herald’s arrogant assumption of the moral high ground after failing to understand the basic principles behind GIRFEC]

The Scotsman hammers another few nails in the GIRFEC coffin with Police Scotland’s damning indictment of the Nosy Parker regime. We haven’t yet found a comment that supports the government (have all the usual apologists gone to ground?)

Police Scotland criticise SNP Named Person plans

The force warned that the recently merged single service may not have the capacity and resources to cope with policing the plan, to have one point of contact for all under-18s.

There may not be “efficient or secure systems” in place to “manage wellbeing concerns” Police Scotland stated in a stark warning on the prospect of ensuring the safety of children assigned state guardians. Under the government’s plans, a single point of contact would be allocated, such as a teacher or health visitor, to look out for the welfare of all children.

Critics have said the plan “gives monitoring power to the state” and would severely damage the level of trust between parents, teachers and health workers.

Police Scotland warned that such a “significant change for all authorities including Police Scotland” could make it harder to identify at risk children.

Note how the government soundbite about ‘engagement’ has changed:

“There is no obligation on parents or children to approach their named person. But our hope is that people will feel increasingly confident about asking for support should they need it.”

The reality is that parents don’t have to approach a named person, because every midwife, health visitor, teacher and other professional is already gathering, sharing and ‘spinning’ data (including hearsay and gossip) on every family member without their knowledge or consent, from the womb onwards, without even a hat tip to the buzz words, ‘necessity’ and ‘proportionality’ (both of which are requirements of the overarching UK Data Protection Act and ECHR).

Having all that data on every child, parent and associated adult stored on an interoperable network of essentially insecure databases, the new army of tick box tyrants can proceed, at the behest of their government paymasters, to identify and target refuseniks who fail to embrace the cult of SHANARRI, and force themselves and their interventions on those who don’t measure up to their state dictated wellbehaving outcomes.

In a last ditch attempt to inject fluffiness into their totalitarian plans, they are even using a young child to voice over their chilling propaganda. We wonder whether her named person approved.


As this post is being published, a parent we know is being subjected to a multi agency GIRFEC meeting, which she did not ask for and which was convened at such short notice that she was unable to arrange for an advocate to accompany her. Re-scheduling for the following day was evidently not an option as the state agents will all be swanning off on holiday.

And the reason for the meeting? The parent has requested consent from the local authority to withdraw her child from a council school in order to home educate. This is an equally valid and lawful option under the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 and subject to statutory guidance, but it is a choice disapproved of by a gang of prejudiced professionals who claim they know best for everyone else’s children. They sure know how to spin that ‘wellbeing wheel’ in their cruel game of family misfortunes.

This parent is not alone in being targeted for making lawful choices that do not conform to the cult of SHANARRI. The victims are already piling up, so just bear in mind that next time, it could be you!


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