Ofqual guidance for ‘locked-down’ private candidates

Ofqual have just updated their guidance for private candidates which will apply to many home educated young people during the Covid-19 crisis. 
It looks like yet another postcode lottery for the home educating community.
One parent whose children are affected by the lockdown measures commented: 
On an individual basis, it’s down to the exam centre whether they help or how they do it. We’re using two: one is helpful – one is not.
Noting the irony, he added:
For years we have fought to stop one bunch of civil servants having access to our home education because it’s none of their business.
Now we are having to fight for a different set of civil servants to have access to our home education information so our children can obtain assessment grades.
The Times has meanwhile covered the anomaly today: Exams loophole leaves home‑schooled <sic> children in limbo [paywall]

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