GHEX Virtual Summit: latest news from Europe

A Brief Look Into the Most Recent Changes (Europe)

A session with Marek BudajezakSílvia CópioGuillaume de ThieulloyJonas HimmelstrandRoger KiskaJosé RamalhoCatherine SunshineEmese Togyes-Busz and Tim Vince

In recent years we have observed in many European countries some legislative changes that threaten the free practice of home education as we understand it. Let’s see some examples of cases in which the defense for the rights of families is underway. What has been happening in some countries and what is being done to ensure that the right to education at home remains a free right.

The session starts with a presentation from Catherine Sunshine, who home educates in the Republic of Ireland and whose family won an important court ruling in October 2019. Here she provides an update.

Also featured is Jonas Himmelstrand, whose family was forced to flee Sweden in 2012 after being persecuted for home educating their children. He reports a happy ending to the story in their adopted home on the Finnish Aland Islands where relationships with the authorities are extremely positive.  

Other speakers describe the situation for home educators in Hungary, Portugal, France, Poland and England.

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