Anti-GIRFEC petition by home educators

A petition created by home educators in Scotland in order to raise awareness of the dangerous provisions within the Children and Young People Bill which is currently making its way through the Scottish Parliament, is rapidly approaching 2500 signatures.

At last, the general public appears to be waking up to the fact that GIRFEC has nothing to do with child protection and everything to do with Big Brother Scotland‘s sinister agenda of universal surveillance, information gathering and sharing without informed consent, the compulsory imposition of a named person on every child in Scotland and state dictated outcomes on all families from pre-cradle to grave.

If you haven’t yet signed it please consider doing so. You will find updates and hundreds of comments on the petition page and ongoing discussion of the implications of this Bill on our forums.

Reject GIRFEC surveillance and named person for every child in Scotland

The petitioners urge Members of the Scottish Parliament to reject all measures contained within the Children and Young People Bill which allow for the routine gathering and sharing of the personal data of every child and associated adult without their express informed consent, and to reject the imposition, without opt-out, of a ‘named person’ on every child in Scotland.


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