France threatens to ban home education

Home educators and supporters in France have sounded an international alert regarding a proposed Bill which seeks to restrict home-based provision of compulsory education to cases of incapacity and disability, effectively outlawing elective home education.

The Bill was registered in the Presidency of the Senate on 18th December 2013 and presented by MM. Hugues PORTELLI, Christian CAMBON, Jacques GAUTIER, Mmes Esther SITTLER, Hélène MASSON-MARET, M. Michel HOUEL, Mme Colette MÉLOT et M. Louis PINTON.

A petition has been created and we would urge home educators and supporters of freedom in education to sign it:

SENAT : Pétition contre l’interdiction pour les familles de faire l’école à la maison

In France, homeschooling is legal and this choice of instruction belongs to the parents. It is a constitutional freedom which is registered in the European Convention on Human Rights and in the Children Rights Convention.

This proposed bill aims to reduce individual freedoms of each one and is once again an attack against families in their life choices. We have to oppose it firmly to continue to be able to choose the best for our children.

Whatever happened to liberté, égalité, fraternité?


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