Parliamentary Question on home education ‘inspection’

In a written answer to a Parliamentary Question on home education by Andrew Arbuckle MSP, Education Minister Peter Peacock has affirmed that education authorities have no powers to ‘inspect’ home education and underlined their negative duties to act in the event of parental failure. 

Question S2W-32301: Andrew Arbuckle, Mid Scotland and Fife, Scottish Liberal Democrats, Date Lodged: 08/03/2007
To ask the Scottish Executive how and at what frequency inspection of home education is carried out.

Answered by Hugh Henry (16/03/2007): Section 37 of the Education (Scotland) Act1980 does not give an education authority a power of inspection of home education. Where an authority is not satisfied that a parent is providing a home educated child with efficient and suitable education it may serve a notice requiring the parent to give, either in person or writing, such information as the authority may require regarding the means adopted for providing education. 

Current Status: Answered by Hugh Henry on 16/03/2007

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