‘No 2 Named Person’ conference: the family fights back

As the Christian Institute prepares to launch a judicial review of the anti-family ‘named person’ and data theft provisions contained in the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act, with legal papers expected to be lodged by the end of June, all those who are concerned about the implications of this odious Trojan horse piece of legislation are being invited to attend a conference at the Holyrood Hotel in Edinburgh on 9th June.

Organised by Dr Stuart Waiton of Abertay University, who has contributed numerous articles and papers during and since the passage of the CHYP Act and is an outspoken critic of unwarranted state interference in family life, it will seek to raise public awareness of how the illiberal legislation is already being used to create a climate of fear and disempower families, most especially those whose parenting choices do not accord with the state dictated, tick box defined template. That would be all of us.

Watch Stuart’s intro video and register here.

Welcoming the opportunity for an honest debate and discussion after years of disinformation by the government and its vested interest cheerleaders, a Scottish home education forum spokesperson commented:

“We are not alone in deploring the deceitful tactics employed by the Scottish Government to force through its ‘early interference’ agenda (originally proposed by a previous Labour-led administration), disguised in child protection clothing and deliberately mis-sold in order to fool the masses, including teachers and health workers who have now all been effectively demoted to the status of state snitches.

“Popular support for our petition to reject GIRFEC surveillance and a Named Person for every child in Scotland demonstrates that it is deeply concerning to many thousands of parents in Scotland that their government and parliament should sweep aside the protections afforded by both Article 8 and the Data Protection Act in such a wanton, cavalier fashion without any meaningful debate.

“Along with many other individuals and groups, we fully support the Christian Institute in its challenge to this shameful piece of  legislation, which has no place in a free society, and we will not co-operate with state appointed oppressors and bullies whose job descriptions include contempt for children’s rights and the undermining of families by tick box.

“With no tempering second chamber, power and control have become the dominant characteristics in Scottish politics and it is therefore up to us, the sovereign people of Scotland, to resist such totalitarian policies no matter how they are spun. As one home educator put it, ‘why should we be forced into buying wheelchairs from the sort of people who just broke our legs?”

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