Hands Up For Home Ed in Wales

hands up for home ed

Welsh home educators are today gathering for a #HandsUpForHomeEd picnic on the steps of the Senedd (Welsh Assembly Building) to show the solidarity of the home educating community against the draconian Draft Guidelines For Elective Home Education in Wales, currently open for consultation.

Picnickers will be  wearing T-shirts decorated with the ‘I’m Home Educated, Not Invisible’ slogan and bringing yellow balloons to the event. Pictures will be handed to the Head of Pupil Wellbeing at 12.30pm. (NOTE: Home educated children are, by definition, not ‘pupils’, but that does not render them invisible!)

Those who can’t make it to the event can tweet @HuwLewis (Welsh Assembly Minister) using the #HandsUpForHomeEd hashtag with reminders of the benefits of elective home education for children of all abilities and from all backgrounds, as well as some of the successes they have achieved, thanks to freedom of choice in education.

Just a few examples from our forums:

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We’re all shouting #HandsUpForHomeEd in solidarity!


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