GIRFEC Information Sharing (Grand Theft Data)

Presentation on GIRFEC Information Sharing (26 January 2015)

This presentation was removed from the web, but copies were saved by concerned parents and slides are reproduced below with our commentary. [All subsequently ruled unlawful by the UK Supreme Court in July 2016]

The presenter Alan Small is a big GIRFEC cheerleader and chair of the Fife Child Protection Committee. [Search our site for more on the GIRFEC gospel according to ‘Alan Small’] 

Here is the gist of Alan et al’s the Grand Theft Data parent replacement plans:

Where reasonably practicable, obtain and have regard to the views of child taking account of age and maturity – note views of parent or anyone else are not required

Sharing outweighs any likely adverse effect on child’s wellbeing –no requirement to consider effect on parent or other

Duty of confidentiality is not a blockage to sharing

GIRFEC duties – info sharing and duty to help Named Person

Impact is far reaching:

Health Services – GPs, dentists, community pharmacists, mental health, addiction, long term conditions, A&E, minor injuries, out of hours, family planning, sexual health, maternity services, ambulance service, health visiting, school nursing, CAMHS, Paediatrics, Neonatology, Community Child Health, Health Promotion, Allied Health Care Professionals……

Local Authorities – Education and Learning (inc early childhood education) Housing, Social Services, Leisure Services……

Police, Fire Service, Sports Council

Any organisation performing a function on behalf of a Health Board or Local Authority

And here are the slides:






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