Getting It Right for the State

The UK Column News, broadcast on 29 May 2015, is a must watch for home educators and others who are concerned about citizen wellbeing (or, more accurately, wellbehaving) outcomes, as dictated by the state and a gang of unelected ‘leaders’.

Home educators will note in particular the plans for compulsory registration contained in Labour’s pre-election policy proposals (08.30), but the point is moot in the wider context of citizen surveillance which is already infecting every public ‘service’ and every state funded organisation across the UK.

The sovereign people of Scotland especially need to wake up as they are the lab rats who are at the cutting edge of social engineering by their so-called Enabling State (i.e. one that only enables them to meet the wellbehaving outcomes that are already pre-determined for them according to the cult of SHANARRI).

Meanwhile, globe trotting ‘ambassadors’ (one Big Brother in particular) are hard selling the concept of single-entity seamless government, based on the ‘successful’ Scottish model of universal data theft, surveillance and citizen profiling.

If you really want to have nightmares, just Google ‘single view of the citizen’.

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