From SEN to IEN with Jedi Mums and Dads

By Dave M

SEN was created to recognise the needs of people disabled with various afflictions.

As parents recognised that special attention was available and increasingly sought the benefit, educational funding continuously rose to support and promote SEN teaching with more classroom assistants and materials. As more and more schools hungrily pursued the revenue stream, the whole SEN ecosystem grew.

In reality, every child benefits from Individual Educational Needs (IEN) as home educators across the world recognise.

In the days before SEN a large number of children progressed through the school system without the benefit of any special attention unless they enjoyed the ‘teacher’s pet’ syndrome. There being no alternative but commoditised ‘one-size-fits all ‘classroom syllabus and curriculum, no child benefitted from IEN except Home Educated people and therefore had to make the best of it.

These days, schools systemise SEN with a written statement of intent for how to force children into uniform standards. Home Education parents pledge only love and commitment to the cause of IEN with freedom in education; freedom for each child to be an individual person.

Across the globe, Home Education has been the driving force of evolution from SEN to IEN . It is the single most important reason why Local Authorities, Offstead and other would-be interfering bystanders must be vigorously kept at bay.

Kept at bay to protect the frontiers of Home Education until they learn that every single child develops skills, knowledge, talent and a passion for something, at varying rates according each individual brain. Brains are often wrongly likened to computers; they are not and they cannot be programmed into a universal or national model of compliant thinking. Thank goodness, as innovation, which is the very engine of mankind’s evolution, development and progress, would be stifled and thwarted.

With more and public services linking-up via shared information systems, it is little wonder that more and more home educators refer to them collectively as the Borg (people that have to link brains in order to gain dominance and survive, like E.U bureaucrats). Home Educators revel in the status of being classed by the Borg as ‘rebels’ or completing certain census question with the word Jedi . No wonder they treated Graham Badman like Darth Vader ii.


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