Education Compromise

Education Compromise has spoken!

09 May 2009 17:03

Statement made by Trustees concerning the Education Otherwise Compromise Prospectus for Improving Support to Home Educating Families

The document addresses issues raised in the day to day work of the organisation.

Home education has never been subjected to an independent review before. There is no set framework for such a review and the timescale is short.

It is impossible to be “representative” when views and experiences are so diverse and at times contradictory.

Mr Badman is aware of the diversity of the community

The Trustees

So everything in Stepford is rosy, then. Thank goodness for that.

Mind you, there is a scary story doing the rounds, loosely based on Ira Levin’s Stepford Wives. It goes like this.

A young family begins an idyllic new life home educating their children in Stepford. As new members of Education Compromise, they soon meet lots of like minded people and things go swimmingly for a while.

As time goes on, however, they become increasingly disturbed by the bizarre activities of the Stepford chapter of Education Compromise, especially when they see their once independent-minded friends — fellow Stepford home educators — turn into mindless, docile zombies overnight.

Their best friends, who seem to be spending more and more time at Education Compromise meetings, mock their fears and soon assume senior positions as Very Important Policymakers for Education Compromise.

The Very Important Policymakers gradually lose interest in all their former friends and proceed to compromise their way through every meeting and Government consultation, ignoring ordinary Stepford members who begin to realise that their freedom is being unnecessarily, er, compromised by Education Compromise.

Angered by all the compromising being done on their behalf, and feeling disenfranchised by the compromisers-in-chief, our young family become convinced that some of the home educators of Stepford are actually androids and gynoids, manufactured in secret at Education Compromise meetings.

They visit the library and read up on the pasts of Stepford residents, finding out that some of them were once high achievers, including some brilliant engineers and scientists capable of creating such life-like robots, as well as lawyers and politicians capable of lying through their teeth.

The End?

Perhaps not, as AHEd is reported to be gearing up for a remake of Revenge of the Stepford Wives supported by a strong cast of fellow non compromisers. 


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