AHEd publishes Parents’ Declaration

Action for Home Education (AHEd) has invited supporters of freedom in education to sign up to its newly published Declaration reaffirming parental responsibility for the upbringing and education of children “in accordance with lawful rights and natural justice”.

Launched on 1st May 2009, the Declaration cites the relevant legislation which holds parents responsible for the provision of children’s education in England (Section 7, Education Act 1996) and the State’s duty to respect educational diversity in the exercise of its functions (Protocol 2 Article 1 of the European Convention of Human Rights). It further cites the rights of individuals to “respect for a private and family life, home and correspondence” (Human Rights Act 1998) and to “be free from arbitrary or unlawful interference with [their] privacy, family, home or correspondence”, as well as “unlawful attacks on [their] honour and reputation” (Article 16 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child).

Drafted, adopted and published by AHEd members in response to the UK Government’s latest assault on the reputation and fundamental freedoms of elective home educators in England, the Declaration censures State agents who may “seek to exert undue influence or power over our lives and those of our children against our traditional freedoms and natural justice”.

In highlighting the existing legislative and regulatory framework, the Declaration reminds the State of its responsibility to act reasonably and proportionately in its dealings with individuals and that ultra vires practices will not be tolerated.

Those who wish to sign up in support of the Declaration may do so by visiting the AHEd wiki or by emailing AHEd.


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