Dealing with Highly Intrusive Parasitic Public Servants

As an antidote to the continuing harassment of home educators and persistent ultra vires activity on the part of local authorities throughout the UK, we are hosting an online conference – Dealing with Highly Intrusive Parasitic Public Servants – Practical strategies to tackle intrusive threatening and bullying behaviour disguised as ‘support’ – on our forum on 29 May.

This event will be a law abiding families’ alternative to another conference taking place that day, which is generously funded by the taxpayer and appears to encourage the demonisation of parents who may not agree with the conventional ‘wisdom’ imparted by social workers and other ‘professionals’ in accordance with government mantra.

We are indebted to Love Belief and Balls for drawing attention to it, but for an additional flavour of what we’re up against, look no further than Lincolnshire.

We are inviting keynote addresses of the main points on the agenda – in advance if more convenient – with shorter succinct comments on the bullet points, and the event will run on this thread throughout the day and evening.

We plan to collate into one big document the various contributions under relevant agenda headings, which we will then post on our blog for present and future reference. Participants are encouraged to state which point(s) they are responding to and to stay on topic so that the discussion doesn’t become too unwieldly.

See you there!


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