Covid-19: updated guidance on organised activities and SQA certification 2021

The Scottish Government’s organised activity guidance was updated today and is available here.

In addition, SQA have now supplied information on certification for 2021 as below.

Exams: How do I get certified in 2021

Only approved centres can enter candidates for SQA graded National Courses and provide estimates for candidates. SQA can only certificate candidates for whom an estimate has been received. You will need to find a centre to present you as a candidate. You will need to have a conversation with the centre about the sort of evidence they need to be able to provide an estimate for you. For example, there may be some assessment tasks they will need you to complete in prescribed conditions to be confident they can give you an evidence-based estimate. Ultimately, it is the centre’s decision about whether or not to present you. We recommend you find a possible presenting centre and embark on these conversations as soon as possible.

We appreciate the government team keeping us informed of the latest updates. 


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