American dream becomes a reality

We are delighted to post another piece of good news from the home educating community in Scotland.

Congratulations are in order for one young man and his proud mother, who tells us:

“My son has been offered an unconditional place with a $20,000 merit scholarship ( based on his grades) to the university of his of his choice in California. Better still, they have allowed him to defer until next year giving him a gap year to raise additional funds for his time there.”

She adds:

“He has also been offered places at Stirling, Glasgow and GCU along with scholarships to two other US universities, so it is achievable, although I know not everyone wants to go down the same route that we follow. I should emphasize that we also have fun, freedom and a lot of laughs as we home educate.”

That sums up what home education is about: freedom, choice, fun and inspiring a love of learning for its own sake, allowing families to ‘get it right for every child’ (their own, not somebody else’s). Despite the rhetoric and spin, all these elements are lacking from the so-called Curriculum for Excellence, which is really nothing more than an outcome based box tickers’ charter.

We would like to wish this young man good luck and bon voyage and we’ll look forward to hearing his news from sunny California when he takes up his university place there.

Meanwhile, his mum is still home educating his younger sibling who has quite different ambitions. We feel sure they will also be realised outside the school system.


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