“Selective” committee stitch up

“Stitch up” has been the overwhelming reaction of home educators to the Children, Schools and Families Committee’s announcement of its oral evidence schedule for the allegedly “independent” inquiry into the Badman review of elective home education in England, due  to be held next week.

controversial line up of witnesses has been announced, which calls into question the independence of the selection process, and complaints are already being dispatched to the committee querying the choice of home education “representatives” who are anything but representative.

England’s most active home education group AHEd has been snubbed  in favour of undemocratic home education organisations, while two male (probably both white) “home educating parents” have been invited, one of whom has mounted personal attacks on (mainly) female home educators and has been banned from at least one online home education network.This does not inspire confidence in the process.

One home educator commented: “It is difficult to imagine a more skewed line up. The only good thing about it is that it can now easily be denounced as a farce.” Another remarked: “Scotland it is, then. No point in hanging around in this unpleasant land.”

Bloggers have been equally unforgiving.  Freedom in Education under Threat is “mad as hell” and posts a video reminding us that we should all be yelling ot loud about the injustices being wrought upon the home education community in England by state sponsored bullies. Watch the video and get mad!

Live Otherwise writes, “If you haven’t seen the list of witnesses for the select committee the phrase read it and weep comes to mind”, and suggests sticking a flea in a few MPs’ ears. Meanwhile, in an aptly titled  Are we F****d? post, Maire observes, “If I wanted to make it look like the views of the 80% of home educators who voted for no change in the current arrangements had been ignored the list might look like this.”

We await the mighty Blogdial’s comments with trepidation, but he is not known for mincing words which are likely to include “illegitimate”, “corrupt”, “f*ck” and “off”. Let’s hope there are no (so called) public servants of a sensitive disposition who might feel vilified or harassed by fair comment.

Both the UK Government and Parliament have now lost all credibility with home educating families who have been disenfranchised not only by the DCSF but also by parliamentarians and home education organisations which erroneously claim representative status. It just will not do.
Enough is enough. Just Say No. Watch that video again, and yell.

[Update: Blogdial has now spoken]

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