Rainbow Resistance

“Like living in Vichy France” is how one home educator described  the latest betrayal of home educators by Education Otherwise and its collaborators on one of our forum threads.  It is  difficult to disagree, which is probably why a new rainbow Resistance movement is emerging among the home ed Allies

It was Graham Stuart MP, a member of the UK Parliament’s CSF Select Committee, who first mooted the idea of an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on home education. Then, lo and behold,  before home educators even had the chance to discuss the remit or implications of such a group, it had already been formed by a merry band of MPs and a Lord who had already shown contempt for home educators who disagreed with his views on what should best serve their own families’ interests.

As if this wasn’t presumptuous enough, Graham Stuart proceeded to allow the discredited Education Otherwise to hijack a  parliamentary petition which was presented as a fait accompli via an EO website (to which we will not link) and claims to have the support of other organisations, including AHEd whose committee knew nothing about it.

This petition has now been publicly denounced and rejected in principle by a large number of home educators, including these, whose views may not accord with those of Education Compromise and its invited gang of collaborators, but who will not be denied their right to defend their families’ freedoms as they see fit.

They represent the new Rainbow Resistance and what they are saying loud and clear is: NO!

NO to the nationalisation of children, NO to the licensing of parents, NO to compromise, NO to collaboration, and NO to EO.


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