Putting professional child abusers on the map

As Balls, Badman, Birmingham Council and the BBC shamefully continue to breach the bounds of decency in the wake of Khyra Ishaq’s tragic death by cynically seeking to shift the blame from serial failures on the part of social services  on to home education (because the child had stopped going to school when she was already giving profound cause for concern), we thought it was time to pronounce our own verdict: professionals cannot be trusted.

To demonstrate just how many dangerous teachers, nursery staff, doctors, nurses, social workers, police officers, youth workers and other ‘caring’ professionals there are out there, we have put a selection of state sanctioned professionals-turned-child abusers firmly on the map.

Liz Davies, the social worker who blew the whistle on the Islington care homes paedophile ring in the 90s, is arguably best qualified to comment on how and why  things went so wrong for Khyra and she has done so eloquently. Disappointingly for the bigoted Balls et al,  home education doesn’t come into it; rather it was the abject failure of so called professionals to intervene in what was a clear cut child protection case.

A highly respected social work lecturer and practitioner with specialist expertise in child protection, Liz Davies shares our own low opinion of Lord Laming, whose Every Child Matters recommendations were said to have been informed by the Victoria Climbie case but who we know was simply putting in train the citizen surveillance agenda already decided years earlier in Lisbon. The ‘child protection’ cover story may have worked on the BBC and most of the non thinking masses, but it is increasingly hard to sell as more and more children die as a result of skewed priorities and the failure to focus and target resources on the most vulnerable children. Children like Khyra who were already known to be at serious risk.

We have become increasingly concerned by this government’s blanket claims that children are safe in schools, nurseries and other non family settings as long as  they are in the care or company of ‘vetted’ professionals. So much so that we’ve been linking to news reports of the activities of a never-ending stream of professional child abusers who have used their ‘trusted’ status to take evil advantage of vulnerable children.

Our abuse of children in care settings got so long we thought we’d produce a map to demonstrate the prevalence of abuse by the very people this government has deemed suitable to work with our children. These are the sort of people Balls and Badman believe should have unrestricted access to private family homes and direct access to home educated children alone without the oversight and protection of their parents. 

Blogdial has already spoken on the perils of the paedophiles’ charter that has their distinctly dodgy backing. See also his Sickening blue dots post. 

Do feel free to email us new entries as we will (sadly) be putting more child abusing professionals on our map.



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