John Taylor Gatto at HEC’99

In April 1999, John Taylor Gatto was the keynote speaker at HEC’99 in London, a major home education conference organised by Malcolm Muckle and promoted online via the UK Home Ed List (founded by Neil Taylor).

Download the session transcripts:

John Taylor Gatto’s formal address “The Fourth Purpose”  from HEC’99 in London
Q & A session
Closing Address

Pictured on the panel are John White (representing the Scot Home Ed contingent and a co-founder of Schoolhouse* in 1996), Alan Thomas (author and education researcher), Paula Rothermel (home education researcher and expert witness), Mary Ann Rose (a co-founder of ARCH) and Leslie Safran Barson (founder of The Otherwise Club). [We don’t recognise the persons first left or third right]

* John died in November 2013. Schoolhouse is no longer recommended by this forum and has been superseded by the national membership organisation Home Education Scotland founded in 2019.

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