Jess and Pippin represent Scotland at World Agility Open

We were delighted to hear that home educated teen Jess Powling and border collie Pippin are on their way to the Netherlands this week to represent Scotland at the World Agility Open.
To be selected for the Scottish team is an amazing achievement and the home educating community is rooting for the Clackmannanshire pair!
Proud mum Harriet told us:
I was persuaded to send Jess to school part-time from the age of 8 till 11. She was then home educated from 11 to 16 when she went to college (with no qualifications, just an interview) to study for an NC, then on to an HNC.
When Jess was in school it was very difficult to get her to leave the house. She didn’t manage to start reading till after age 11 and we later discovered she learns through movement. No wonder she couldn’t learn at school. Home education has changed her life.
My advice is let your child follow their passion. Find a course they really want to do and hope it is run by someone who is passionate about their subject.
I hope Jess’s journey will help other people to have the confidence to home educate and also not panic about qualifications. I just wish I had known how well things could turn out.
We would like to wish Jess, Pippin and Team Scotland every success in the competition and will be eager to hear the results.
Team Scotland is sponsored by Skinners dog food.
Image credits: Harriet Powling.

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