Early interference


This pearl of stupidity recently arrived in my inbox, courtesy of Children & Young People Now, who promote conferences for rentseekers:

Intervening early with children, young people and families to tackle the root causes of social problems is vital for families, and the future of society and the economy. It is one of the greatest challenges for public services, and it can bring the greatest rewards.

There is of course no evidence that early intervention is effective in achieving its stated outcomes, and interfering with other people’s children can be profoundly damaging, no matter who is doing the fiddling. Of course, there’s good money in it for a myriad of fake charities and assorted rentseekers, who will happily lap dance, for a fee,  to the government’s preferred policy tune.

Tell a lie often enough and you’ll fool the sheeple, including the dumbed down professional sheeple, who have been collectively conditioned into embracing policy-based evidence and complying with state dictated ‘wellbeing’ outcomes. Any doubters, whose heads don’t yet button up the back,  may need lithium added to their drinking water.

It’s all about ‘data rape’, citizen surveillance and imposing state dictated outcomes on economic units of human capital formerly known as people. Public ‘services’ are now staffed exclusively by state snoopers and Scotland is leading the way with GIRFEC and the Cult of SHANARRI.


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