Defence of Civil Liberties, Democracy and the Value of Families in Society

By Spartacus

Lincolnshire County Council recently decided to take no further action to prevent a father allowing his seven-year-old daughter to walk alone to a bus stop, leading to this BBC discussion of the “responsibilities of the parents and the state”.

The Today programme went on to pose the question: “Who should be in charge of children when they are not in school?”

In response to Elaine’s highlighting of the issue on the forums, Mayfly astutely observed:

“But the Every Child Matters agenda ‘5 outcomes’ placed child welfare on a statutory basis which, I would argue, is why we’re in this sorry mess of a debate. There must be some way of challenging the ‘5 outcomes’ without being labelled as being unconcerned about child welfare.”

My own contribution to this propaganda driven debate follows.

Standing-up to Preserve Democracy

In a leading western liberal Democracy, we must protect and preserve the sanctity of the family against the E.U.’s inexorable slide towards totalitarian state control of all children. A path created by unelected bureaucrats and zealously perused in the U.K. by a socialist government with Marxist influences. The Conservative Party featured a focus upon the family in its 2010 election campaign. We must call upon them not to lose sight of that objective and roll-back the insidious totalitarianism creeping though society, heavily in disguise of being ‘Goodness’.

We should all resist the left-wing spin and propaganda. Following the 1997 election the rebranded Labour party opened the flood gates of mass immigration. Politicians that dared to enunciate warnings and express concern were branded ‘racist’ as a method of marginalising them. In the wake of an election defeat the Conservative party failed to find a cohesive voice to reset the propaganda which effectively silenced their feint voice of opposition.

In future the voices of opposition must not be timid or falsely cowed in quite acquiesce. Voices of opposition to the increasing state control of families.

State Education is in a Poor State

The reality is, that the state controlled and managed systems have failed society more than ever in recent years. Increasing percentages of children now leave school unable to read and write to the prescribed standards. Many companies have resorted to introducing induction training schemes that feature these basic skills.

Thousands of children play truant from school every day as educational establishments increasingly become uninviting and unwelcoming places to be. Schools have increasingly alienated the young people whom they were created to serve. Hapless Schools are not a happy place in which well-motivated children happily enjoy learning.

The teaching profession, much beleaguered by a ten year battery of control freak legislation, over-regulation, expansion of roles in social welfare issues, focus upon teaching to pass misguided tests, league tables, proclivity to cynically claim SEN candidates to raise funding and OFFSTED bullying, have lost the moral authority to teach. Class discipline is failing at epidemic levels.

Young people face the prospect of leaving university with c. £30,000.00 of debt in return for the promise of a career with higher earnings and in a soon to be vaporising job market.

And the Name of your Child’s Pet is?

Driven by an unholy alliance of corporate technologists eager to milk the over-spending public sector and bureaucrats eager to present the next big job-securing initiative, society is increasingly in the grip of database driven systems allowing public sector workers and their corporate partners to spy upon and control every member of society. As the aim, (well paid job security) outweighs the alternative (possibility of being un-employed) the creators sidestep the risks despite an ever expanding calamity of national data loss. Systems designed misguidedly under the banner of Child Protection become an enabling instrument for predators. Socialists in Europe gleefully expand such pathways to federalism and propagate such initiatives.

Good Causes become the New Evil in Society

More and more children are being forcibly removed from families on dubious and very questionable grounds, driven by charities run by society’s new culture of ‘fat cats’ within the Third Sector. Highly paid executives move from media positions to create corporate growth strategies that gain government, business and personal donations for charitable vehicles. Donations that are ultimately used to wreak havoc upon our civil liberties under the cover of being ‘do gooders’ that masks the contrivances of unelected executives striving to gain bonus payments from their under-scrutinised and seemingly unaccountable organisations. Trading upon past reputations and more honourable histories, these charities are still, as yet, revered by government officials (just as banks once were) and have eagerly engineered their way into being a key part of the current coalition government’s concept of ‘Big Society’.

Meanwhile, paradoxically and sickeningly, cases of abuse within foster care rise inexorably; the very people chosen to ‘rescue’ those very children from that very fate.

A Cherished Group may Herald the Beginning of the Required Educational Revolution

The state bureaucratic machinery wilfully chooses to deflect public opinion from its appalling record of child abuse by those within the system, ably assisted by the vested interests of (now questionable) charitable organisations that see an increasing ‘market opportunity’ for insatiable growth in the field of ‘intervention’. A fast growing minority of caring, responsible parents willing to sacrifice careers and wealth opportunities to find a morally sound and risk-free alternative to the ever failing, state-run mass production factory system of education join the fold of Home Education facilitators. In doing so, they have become the target of the bureaucrat’s wholly unjustifiable deflection propaganda.

Society should seek to understand what lessons can be learnt from Home Educators; people that should be cherished in society for their commitment, not reviled for the sake of political propaganda.

The Family. Home Education.


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